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We offer 2-day shipping to over 90% of the country! Please let us know if you have any problems with shipping and we will make it right for the next order. 

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This is your one-stop shop for your one stop shop for incontinence, wound care, over the counter products and more! We are always improving with your valuable feedback. 

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Sound Medical Supplies is your online source for medical supplies and health and wellness products. We offer the trusted brands you love at prices you can afford.Our goal is simple: to simplify and streamline the purchase of medical supplies and health and wellness products when you need them most. We are proud to assist in your health and wellness journey. We offer a large selection of hard to find products and provide the education and convenience to get you what you need. Most importantly, we value the opportunity to help make a positive impact in your life.

Please Call us at 614-558-7172 for any questions regarding product availability and shipping times for a specific product. 

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