Ocuvite® Eye + Multi™ Eye Vitamin with Lutein Supplement, 60/BT





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Product type: Over the Counter

Vendor: Valeant Pharmaceuticals

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  • Helps replenish vital eye nutrients to help protect your eye health, plus provides the benefits of a complete multivitamin
  • Dose size is 2 tablets: Each dose contains 300 micrograms of vitamin A; 150 mg vitamin C; 10 mcg vitamin D; 22.5 mg of vitamin E; 30 mcg of vitamin K; 1.5 mg thiamin; 1.7 mg of riboflavin; 20 mg of miacin; 2 mg of vitamin B6; 400 mcg of folic acid; 6 mcg of vitamin B12; 30 mcg of biotin; 10 mg pantothenic acid; 200 mg of calcium; 14 mg of phosphorus; 150 mcg of iodine; 100 mg of magnesium; 23 mg of zinc; 70 mcg of selenium; 2 mg of copper; 2 mg of manganese; 120 mcg of chromium; 75 mcg of molybdenum; 10 mg of lutein; 2 mg of zeaxanthin; 300 mcg of lycopene
  • 60 tablets per bottle


VENDOR: Valeant Pharmaceuticals
VENDOR NUMBER: 32420873510
PRODUCT ID: 73512700
UPC: 324208735107
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Vitamin A / Ascorbic Acid
STRENGTH: 1000 IU - 150 mg Strength
VOLUME: 60 per Bottle


HEIGHT: 4 Inch
WIDTH: 2 Inch
DEPTH: 2 Inch
WEIGHT: .21 lbs.
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