McKesson Catheter Securement Device, 1/EA





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Vendor: McKesson Brand

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Description Delivery
  • Made with gentle, alcohol-soluble adhesive
  • Improves patient comfort and helps avoid complications due to Foley
  • Provides an efficient, standardized system for securing indwelling urinary catheters
  • May comfortably remain in place for 3-5 days without altering skin integrity
  • Adhesive urinary catheter anchoring device designed to comfortably secure the catheter, thereby helping to reduce bladder neck irritation, urethral trauma, and accidental catheter removal
  • Quick and easy to apply and remove
  • Allows for repeated access to tubing
  • Encourages proper catheter care
  • Supports compliance with OSHA, CDC, and F315 requirements


VENDOR: McKesson Brand
VENDOR NUMBER: 172-5445-9
PRODUCT ID: 44591900
BRAND: McKesson
UPC: 612479223639
FOR USE WITH: Indwelling Catheters
LATEX FREE INDICATOR: Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
SPECIFICATIONS: NonSterile, 2.5 Inch Tab


HEIGHT: 0.11 Inch
WIDTH: 3.25 Inch
DEPTH: 6 Inch
WEIGHT: 0.02 lbs.
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